Cheating at Hold’em (The Essentials) DVD – Vegas Maximus Edition – David Malek


Rare – Vegas Maximus Edition

How to Protect Yourself from Being Scammed at the Card Table
“Cheating at Hold’em” is not a cliché exposé. “Cheating at Hold’em” is a course in protective strategy. “Cheating at Hold’em” will provide you with all the knowledge needed to become an expert in game protection and enable you to participate in any and all Hold’em games without fear of being cheated.

The top professional poker players are all conversant with the card cheater’s ploys. No one can become a top professional Hold’em player without knowing how card cheaters take insurmountable advantages.
The information contained in “Cheating at Hold’em” is not a magician’s version of how to cheat at cards; it is an authentic, accurate and educational demonstration of the professional cheater’s ploys exactly as employed in actual play.
“Cheating at Hold’em” explores and acquaints you with all known artifices employed by both professional and amateur card cheats:

Marked Cards
A cursory perusal of the marked cards portion of “Cheating at Hold’em” will enable you to detect every one of the many types of marked cards, including the never before revealed secret of the luminous readers.

Learn about Belly Strippers and In Strippers. Learn how cheaters transform an ordinary deck into Negative Strippers, and how Strippers are used to beat the game.

Learn How to Detect Gaffed Decks in Factory Sealed Containers Without Opening the Case
This portion of “Cheating at Hold’em” reveals information known only to the top gambling cheats.

Peeking and Flashing
Discover how to ascertain the identity of a cards located at the top, bottom, second, third and even fourth positions in a shuffled deck.

Second Dealing
See and learn how professional cheaters create the illusion of the second card coming from the top, and the various applications of the second deal in actual play. You will learn how the deal can be used in conjunction with marked cards, peeking and flashing, as well as how it is used during the initial deal and subsequent rounds.

The Relationship of Various Scams
By understanding the inter-related nature of card cheaters’ scams, you will discover how different scams and sleight of hand techniques work together to beat a game and how to use this information to your advantage.

Check Copping
This section will teach you how the “check copper” steals checks from the pot in full view of all the players.

Splash Moves and Building-In
Cheats do what is known as building in, with what are known as splash moves. You will realize that sometimes odd dealing and other behavior at the card table is conducted in such a way as to steal money from you. Find out how to deal with this problem and preclude playing against unfair advantages.

Gambling Devices
The gambling devices section will expose you to three classic gaming gaffs: bugs, shiners and holdouts. The information contained in this section is accurately set forth for the very first time.

The Mechanics of Fair and Unfair Shuffling, Cutting and Dealing
In order to give all players a fair shake, everyone should learn how to shuffle cut and deal optimally and properly. You will learn how professional dealers shuffle and deal the cards. Each element of the proper procedure for shuffling and dealing is accurately described and demonstrated.

Looking at Your Hand Without Exposing Cards
Correctly looking at your cards is a skill learned in a relatively short period of time. Surprisingly though, few people use the proper method, especially in private games. This section gives detailed instructions on how to peek the hand properly.

Dealing with Friends and Kibitzers
Friends who have folded their hands and want to see your cards, as well as acquaintances who might be passing by, or are standing behind you and a friend, are sometimes known as kibitzers. They can be trouble; especially when money is involved. In this section you will learn what to look out for and how to deal with it.

The Use of Plastic Cards
When playing in private games, the use of KEM or plastic cards is an option you might consider. This section deals with why it is perhaps a good idea to make the investment.

How to Handle a Cheat When You Catch Him
The topic of what to do if you catch someone cheating in your game or in a game in which you play is covered. At first you might think that calling attention to the cheater is the best course of action. This and other options are presented for you to make your own eventual and educated judgment.

Plus – You Get Protection Tips and Detection Tips for all These Sections and More
Each section is concluded with procedures that are easy to understand and implement for keeping your game free of cheating.

Technical Information
“Cheating at Hold’em” was filmed with DVCAM using three cameras on a professional sound stage in Hollywood, California.
All photographs were taken using a Nikon FM2 with a Micro-Nikkor Lens, a PK-13 extension and a Norman P-800 Lighting Package with 2 Heads. There were over 400 photographs taken of which over 100 were used on Provia 100-F Film. The film was processed and made into slides by Pro Photo in Costa Mesa, California and scanned to disc using a Nikon Coolscan 5 at PARS Studios in Glendale, California.
The post production, including photo alignment, color correction, sound sweetening and authoring was done at Planet Earth Post in Hollywood, California by Scott Sohan (special effects editor for Martin Scorsese’s film “The Aviator”). The program was edited using Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and DVD Studio Pro, and Adobe After Effects.
The voice over tracks were recorded on a Neuman U-87 at 48 Kilohertz and mastered with Pro Tools HDACCEL 2 at JEL Studios in Newport Beach, California (home of Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny, and Mark Victor Hansen of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” fame).
The Cover was designed by Terry Zembruski of Pirate designs in Newport Beach, California.
“Cheating at Hold’em” is approximately 1 and ½ hours in length and is multi-region encoded for distribution worldwide.

Use of the information contained on this DVD may be against the law. This DVD is sold for entertainment purposes only.