Invisible Deck – Professional Version (Bicycle Brand – Blue)


The Invisible Deck is a classic of magic tricks. In fact, it is said to be perhaps on its own the best card trick ever invented. You hold a deck of cards (in the box). A spectator is asked to name any card. They name (for example) the seven of spades. You open the box, pull out the cards and go through them face up. Amongst the face-up cards, there is only one card face down. It proves to be the card they named a moment ago.

There are many presentations of this trick. The trouble with every invisible deck routine is that you constantly have to hunt and peck for the names card. Not any more. What separates this deck from others is the fact that you can instantly locate the card named without looking down at your hands. You can talk to the spectator while spreading through the cards and reveal their named card in an instant.