Invisible Deck (Professional Version)



Thought to be one of the ten best tricks ever invented and the greatest card trick ever, the invisible deck to the uninitiated is a miracle. A person is asked to think of a card. You pull out a deck of cards. They name the card they are thinking of, you pull the cards out of the deck, they are face up. You spread through the faceup cards and there is only one face down card amongst them. It proves to be the card the spectator was thinking of.

In the standard version, the magician has to hunt around looking for the card. In the professional version the magician literally never looks at the deck. The professional version allows you to find the card named while looking at the spectator and literally never looking down at your hands. It’s fast, precise and leaves no doubt in the spectator’s mind that what you say is true. Every other version has you looking for the reversed card creating suspicion that you may have reversed a card with sleight-of-hand. In the Professional version, it’s like magic. The card is named and within a couple of seconds, you’ve located it without even looking at your hands. Will it take practice? Yes, it will but far less than you think. Within 10-minutes of learning the secret and playing around with the cards you’ll have it down and ready to perform. So it’s almost no practice necessary.